Smriti Irani Slams Rahul Gandhi On His Global Hunger Index ‘Couplet’


New Delhi: Union Minister Smriti Irani on Saturday hit back at Rahul Gandhi over the ‘couplet’ which the Congress vice-president had tweeted on Friday.

Quoting the poet of modern Hindi literature Dushyant Kumar, Gandhi had written on the micro blogging site, “If you are hungry, be patient! So what if you have no bread? Hunger is a hot topic, these days. Of debate in the Delhi Durbar!

The Congress vice-president was referring to the recently released Global Hunger Index.
Responding to Gandhi’s salvo, Irani on Saturday tweeted, “Have patience, the power of hunger. So what if you do not have the statistics. Collect all the selfish people as they will make noise to defame the nation.”

The Twitter war between the two political heavyweights didn’t end here. “Not surprising that in his keenness to run down Hon PM, Rahul Gandhi maligns the Nation,” Irani said in another tweet.

Recently, Smriti Irani was in Amethi, which Rahul Gandhi’s represents in the Lok Sabha. Irani had poked holes in Gandhi’s work in his constituency over the last decade.