Smoking decreases the size of your Penis!


Some facts you did not know about your genitilia:

The average erect Indian male penis measures up to about 5.56 inches. While the largest penis ever recorded in an erect state is 13.5 inches.  In another research, 52% men wanted theirs longer and about 32% thicker.

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Smoking can shorten your penis by upto a centimeter. As if that weren’t enough, excessive smoking and drinking can even cause erectile dysfunction. It’s time to cut back on those ciggies, for the sake of your soldier at least.

That Woman was God’s preferred creation, is evident from the fact that while your orgasm lasts only six seconds, hers is a whopping 23 seconds.

Ever wondered why your head looks like the way it does? Well, believe it or not, the head of the penis is shaped sort of like an umbrella so that it scoops competing male sperm out of the vagina (Sperm can survive in a vagina for several days) Theory of natural selection, eh?

The spinal cord’s three parts control different sexual functions like erection (the signals sent to your brain when fantasizing), release of fluids, reflexogenic erections (those stimulated by masturbation, rubbing the inside of the thigh, etc.) and ejaculation (the release of semen). As you can gather, your spinal cord is the back‘bone’ of your sexual life too.

Pleasant aromas can boost your performance. Lavender fragrance, in fact, can enhance it by close to 40%. Well, now we know why she always makes it a point to light those aromatic candles before the