SMEs to come to the Gulf :Doha bank


Kolkata: ‘We want SMEs to come to the Gulf region to set up business, they can borrow at cheaper rates than in India’ – R Seetharaman, CEO of Doha Bank, says at Bengal Chamber interaction. Doha ​Bank, which has its ​presence​- ​with a mix of full-fledged branches and ​representative ​offices ​- ​in important global markets, wants to enhance its operations in India. In this ende​a​vour, the bank has identified selected locations ​- ​including Kolkata ​- ​for building business relationships with local and regional corporates and business houses​,​ and to showcase the potential opportunities that exist in the Gulf Cooperation Countries, especially for the Indian corporates for their investments​, business expansion and growth .

The close interaction with the business companies and corporate customers through this programme will enable the bank to assess and support the local market and the corporate customers for mutual benefit and to evolve the bank’s future expansion and growth strategy.