Smart Card Service Began In Visva-Bharati University


Bolpur: Rabindra Bhavana of Visv-Bharati University has started the smart card service to use the library and museum of the that department. Officiating VC Sabujkali Sen has inaugarated the service on Monday.

According to Visva-Bharati source, this card will allow people to use digital museum, several collections, photocopy museum and library of Rabindra Bhavana. So PHD scholars will get the facility to use those material related to their research.

Previously, people can buy five photos but now they can buy hundred pictures. There were separate cards to access library and archive. The expiry date of the card will be three years. Apart form PHD scholars graduation and M.A students will also get the permit to use archival collection by giving Rs 100.

Officiating VC Sabujkali Sen informed, “For the benefit of research scholars university has decided to introduce the facility. VB authority has given me the first opportunity. Those who are specially interested on Tagore will get beneficial undoubtedly.