Narada Sting: IPS Mirza under Scanner at Lalbazar


Kolkata: Kolkata: IPS officer SMH Mirza appeared before the Kolkata Police on Thursday. His statement was recorded in connection with Narada sting probe. He had appeared before the investigating team yesterday also.

Mirza was SP Burdwan when the Narada sting video was allegedly shot by the Narada. Not only Mirza, several Trinamool leaders were also shown in the video accepting bribes.

According to sources in the Kolkata Police, Mirza was questioned for nearly three and half hours by the investigating officer Basudeb Bhattacharya at Kolkata Police Headquarters in Lalbazar. His statement was recorded as a witness in the case.

In this regard, KP Joint Commissioner (STF) Vishal Garg commented, “He came and his statement was recorded by the investigating officer”. However, when asking for further details he was tight lipped.

Mirza was first witness who appeared before the Kolkata Police after it took up the investigation of the Narada sting case following an order by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Narada CEO Mathew Samuels was summoned twice by the Kolkata Police. But by appealing three PILs in the Calcutta High Court, he got some legal relief from appearing at Lalbazar.