If You Slaughter Cows, You Will Be Killed: BJP MLA

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New Delhi: “Mera toh seedha seedha kehna hai ki gautaskari aur gaukashi karoge to yum hi maroge (If you smuggle and slaughter cows, you will be killed),” statement by BJP MLA.

A shocking statement came into limelight and raised controversy again against the politics of The Holy Cow. A BJP MLA from Rajasthan has said that those who indulge in “cow smuggling and slaughter” will be killed.

Gyan Dev Ahuja, the BJP MLA from Alwar’s Ramgarh, was reacting to the arrest of an alleged cow smuggler in Alwar. There were also reports that the man was beaten by a mob but Ahuja said that is making excuses. Ahuja is not new to controversies. He had earlier said that most of people named by the police in the Pehlu Khan murder are innocent.

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In 2016, Ahuja made it to national newspapers for his comment: “Daily 50,000 pieces of bones, 3,000 used condoms, 500 used abortion injections and 10,000 cigarettes were found in Jawaharlal Nehru University campus”.