Skygazers Catch Glimpse Of NASA’s International Space Station In Shimla


New Delhi: Sky watchers at Shimla were in celestial delight as they witnessed the International Space Station (ISS), the space station of NASA as a brightly glowing star passing at a significant speed.

The Space Station moves at a speed of 7.6 kilometres per second, at an orbital height of 400 kilometres.

ISS has already been seen at many places around the globe and from November 21, it was seen in Shimla. It is expected to remain in sight until December 6, 2016.
Shimla is the first and only destination India, where one can witness ISS.

The Space Station was visible in Shimla only for a minute at 5:30 am, then again for a minute at 6:37 pm, and one more time at 7:06 pm.

A skygazer in Shimla caught a clear video recording of the ISS.

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