Skeleton Discovered In Salt Lake


Kolkata: A Skeleton was discovered from an under-construction building in Salt Lake on Monday.

The skeleton was recovered from an under-construction building in the DD block of Salt Lake, House number 7. It was discovered from a water-tank in its roof-top. According to sources, the construction of the house closed for a long time.

Chaos has already spread in the area. Construction of this tall building started 3 years back in order to make a shopping mall. The construction was closed since a long time until work resumed few days back. According to primary reports, the skeleton is of a woman as being suspected by the police. The police said that several workers arrived the roof top to clean the water-tank when they spotted the skeleton inside the tank. Inner women garments on the skeleton suggested it to be the remains of a woman. A saree was also found from the roof.

After primary investigation, the police are suspecting that someone was killed 8-10 months earlier and thrown into the tank Though the skeleton parts from the lower portion has not been discovered yet. The skeleton has been sent for post-mortem. The police tried to speak with the workers and the owners of construction firm in order to ascertain about anyone visiting in the building.