Six killed in serial explosion in china


BEIJING: Six people were killed on Wednesday in serial bombs exploded in southern China, state media said, with blasts reported in more than ten locations including government offices. Many others are seriously injured in this explosion.The explosives apparently placed in delivery packages, the official Xinhua news agency said of the blasts on the eve of China’s national day holiday.

The explosions occurred in at least 13 locations in a rural county in the Guangxi region, the police reported. They also included a prison, a government office and a shopping Center.As per report six massive buildings are collapsed and plumes of grey smoke rising above a residential district. Police also reported that this case is handled by criminal one.

The blasts occurred at the seat of Liucheng County and surrounding areas, said Xinhua, which initially reported three dead. Rescue workers had rushed to the spot and tried to content the situation.

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