Six Interesting Sex positions for Lesbians


Many articles have been written about sex positions for straight couples but only a few for homosexuals and lesbians. So here are six positions for lesbian couples to reach maximum pleasure.

1. Electric 69: This is a variation of the heterosexual ‘69’. The difference is that vibrators are use instead of tongues. It is intimate and electrical.

2. Sultry Soup Spoon: For this, the partners should lie on top of each other in the bath – chest to back. The partner behind should reach around to finger the one in front while the other hand plays with the nipples.

3. Bend And Lick: Here, one woman stands bent over at the waist while the other kneels behind licking whatever part she finds interesting.

4. Deep Sea Diver: One partner position herself under the bathtub faucet so the water is stimulating her clitoris while the second positions over her face for clitoral stimulation.

5. Naughty Student: One partner bends over the bed and while the other partner penetrates from behind with a strap-on dildo.

6. Figure 8: This is a double entendre thingy where the partners lie on each other halfway and penetrate each other simultaneously with fingers.

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