Sitting your life Away? Get ready for Heart attack


Caught into a sitting job? Eating more than you should? Blame it to your sitting. It’s time to make some lifestyle changes for your heart’s health as sitting for too long every day is really worst. It can increase the risk of a heart attack.

Sitting for long hours at a stretch is associated with increased the risk of coronary artery calcification. According to MD Jacquelyn Kulinski, assistant professor of cardiovascular medicine leads the study. ‘It’s clear that exercise is important to reduce cardiovascular risk and improve fitness level.’ said Jacquelyn. Reduce the amount of time you sit by even an hour or two could significant and positive impact to further future.

Coronary artery calcification, measured through a non-invasive CT heart scan, indicates the amount of calcium contained in plaques within the heart’s arteries. Analyzing heart scans and physical activity records of more than 2,000 adults, the researchers found each hour of sedentary time per day on average was associated with a 14 percent increase in coronary artery calcification burden. Present study links sitting and sedentary behavior with each other. Researchers have advised people at work to stand up or move for one to three minutes every half hour.

It certainly gives a fright. Sitting your life away, it seems, may be very bad for health and even our life expectancy. Next time when you remind yourself something, remind saying ‘I am going to take a standing break.’