SIT hiding Saradha fact: CBI


Kolkata: The Central Bureau of Investigation has accused the Special Task Force formed by the Bengal government of suppressing facts.

After The Supreme Court handed the Saradha scam probe to CBI, it had asked the state police to submit all documents related to Saradha. Based on it, the SIT submitted a list to CBI.

The Bureau started the investigation on the leads provided by the SIT. As per the reports, CBI unearthed many cases relating to the scam under Kolkata Police, Midnapore police and North Dinajpur police which were not mentioned by the SIT.

Concerned by the matter CBI asked for a Status report from the SIT through court and learnt that State Police is investigating those cases, although the Supreme Court had handed the Saradha case to CBI. The attitude of Bengal police towards suppressing the facts has concerned the bureau.

Now the question lies wary if the fact that CBI is looking into the matter.