A Single Click Changed The Style Of News


Rana Das: We have achieved two years of excellence with broad, vivid and impartial journalism. It’s been two interesting years and so has been my journey. In spite of several hurdles and obstacles we covered every news because we are always ‘First with the News’. I had faced many problems but I shall never down. Kolkata 24×7 news portal is not only News portal; it is also a future of our next generation.  We started it in from a single room and now we have an office. Those days are really very much hard but now the path is smooth. The Kolkata 24×7 english news portal started with help of small man power but today we achieved 47000 page like and many viewers. We achieved this just only for our team work and I promise all of you to bring more fare and unbiased news thorough our news portal Kolkata24x7 if you support us as before you did.

Kolkata 24×7 English news portal had started their journey on 25th January 2015 and till now it moves swiftly. Kolkata24x7 English steps into 2nd anniversary on 25th January 2017 and we will start our 3rd Journey with fresh enthusiasm. The news portal started with few employees who worked dawn to dusk, but now we have more employees in three divisions. We are very much grateful to your love and support and hope you will stay with us in future. Before launching our news portal we had to reassess goals. The journey was not so easy but now the journey is in our soul and passion.

All the ex-employees of Kolkata 24×7 helped us in making it a leading news portal of Kolkata. We also have two other sites, one is Kolkata24x7 Bengali which is Kolkata’s number one news portal in Bengali, also our parent portal and the other one is Kolkata24x7 Hindi.