Singer Somlata Heckled During School Programme Concert

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Kolkata: Music singer Somlata Acharya is being heckled by an alcoholic teacher at a school program in Dhupgudi on Friday. Somlata has brought charges against the school teacher.
Somlata said that at first everything was fine at the beginning of the program.

But soon after When the ceremony started, A school’s teacher called himself a journalist, trying to take pictures and videos during the stage. Somlata said on the video that she and her band never allowed to click on the stage.

The school teacher or journalist disturbed Somlata and her band so that Somalata forced him into the stage to take the picture, and after that the story changed. During the show, the person heckled our band members. Later Somlata and the band members realized that the person was actually alcoholic. After that there were some problems of sound. And the person asked the audience whether the song is being heard properly or not.

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Somlata was forced to contact the police when the situation went out of control. They came out of the place with the help of police. Somlata also said that the person threatened the band members.

But the charges against whom are trying to contact with him. It will be highlighted if we get the speech of accused.