Singer Nachiketa Makes Song On ‘Cut Money’ Which Goes Viral


Kolkata: Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has recently ramped up her attack on her Trinamool Congress party members accepting “cut money” — a percentage illegally charged by government officials and party workers to deliver services to people.

At a party meeting on Tuesday, Ms Banerjee ordered her party members to return the “cut money”. Recently in many villages, people gheraoed Trinamool leaders at the panchayat level and demanded back the cut money they had paid.

Now, a popular Bengali pop singer Nachiketa has released a song on YouTube about the issue asking the for money back. The Bengali song has gone viral and was shared on Twitter by singer and Union Minister Babul Supriyo.

Mr Supriyo, who won the Asansol seat on a BJP ticket, thanked the singer for the “satirical song” and said this is what the “people feel”. He had also composed a song attacking the Mamata Banerjee government; however, it was banned by the Election Commission.

Nachiketa’s song’s lyrics warn those who took cut money should be ready to face the wrath of the people. The lyrics also say the people who have till now been respectful and scared are now asking for answers.

There is no reference to any political party in the song except a reference to dada and didimoni. Mamata Banerjee is popularly referred to as Didi in the country.

Nachiketa was one of many artists who had supported Mamata Banerjee’s call for “parivartan” (change) in 2011 when she ousted the Left from power in West Bengal.

“Cut money” has been one of the many problems the Trinamool has identified that cost it votes in the Lok Sabha elections. Trinamool won just 24 seats this time, while the BJP won a whopping 18 seats, a steep rise from 2 seats in the 2014 elections.