Siliguri Municipal Co Introduced Drone To Fight Dengue

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Siliguri: West Bengal’s Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC) has introduced the use of drones to check the mosquito-infested areas of the city.

The drone, made by a school student, can take pictures of stagnant water on a terrace of high rise buildings.

“We are conducting a trial run for a month. We will see how fruitful it is… After this many states are asking me about the project over dengueplan,” Asoke Bhattacharjee, Mayorof SiliguriMunicipal Corporation.

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Rajiv Ghosh, the student, who invented the drone, said “Last year, there was a major dengueproblem in Siliguri. It is very difficult to inspect the presence of stagnant water or denguelarvae in high rise buildings”.

“Dronecan help gather aerial footage to keep a check on areas that might be possible breeding spots,” student added.

According to Health Departmentreport of 2017 around 1,287 people have been infected with dengueand four lost their lives.

Many had also been admitted in Siliguri’s district hospital and North Bengal Medical Collegeand Hospital (NBMCH) with denguesymptoms.