Sick Of Smartphones? Samsung Has New Flip Phone On Way


Pyongyang: Smartphones have become the anchor to our modern world – but they’re pretty much all the same.

Samsung may have produced one of the best-looking smartphones on the market , but it’s also got another trick up its sleeve. Perhaps buoyed by the response to the relaunched Nokia 3310 , the South Korean company is producing a new flip phone for 2017. According to Cnet, the W2017 is an Android-running flip phone with a 4.2-inch screen stuck on the front. The technology website reports that, at the moment, it’s not scheduled to be released in the UK and will only be available in China and Korea.

Despite the heritage coming from the early 2000s, the new W2017 is said to borrow some features from its high-end cousins. It’s rumoured to feature 64GB of internal storage, a 12MP rear-facing camera and the water resistance that is such a selling point of the Galaxy S8. All of which is likely to drive the price up.

However, at this point, it’s unlikely the phone will be coming to the UK – unlike the Nokia 3310 which launches here on May 24 .