Shubhendu’s Affirmative Notion To Abolish BJP From Bengal


Maldah: Heavyweight Trinamool leader Shubhendu Adhikary on Wednesday clearly stated that though BJP has witnessed victory in West Bengal Panchayat but wouldn’t able to keep the row of success.

West Bengal Transportation Minister said so from a party meeting on Wednesday in Maldah. He said, “BJP has secured some parts of Maldah but couldn’t secure a gram panchayat. Everyone will come to Trinamool.”

He said, “We have divided congress now its time for BJP. BJP has own in Maldah but couldn’t confirm a gram panchayat so they will all come to Trinamool.”

“I said few days ago that two influential representative will join TMC. Mediaperson asked on this and got beaten for the same reason.”, he added.

He gave an extra information to the media that two more congress MLA will join TMC on July 21 but didn’t say anything vividly.