Shrikant Mohta Tried To Spoil Dev’s Production: Locket Chatterjee


Kolkata: State BJP Mohila Morcha president Locket Chatterjee on Thursday alleged that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s close aide filmmaker Shrikant Mohta, wanted to spoil Dev’s ‘production’ by showing the absolute supremacy of the city’s cinema hall. After the arrest of owner of Shree Venkatesh Films.

Once upon a time, Tollywood’s popular actress Locket Chatterjee is currently BJP leader. In the state, Mamta Bandyopadhyay is a significant part of the political movement. Shrikant has long been trying to put pressure on the new production house, by holding the good movie hall. He got help from grassroots in this work.

Trinamool Congress’s Ghatal MP Dev’s Production House – Dev Entertainment Ventures – has produced several good films. But a few days ago, Deb produced a movie. It was heard that Dev and Shrikanta Mohta were involved in a verbal clash. After the arrest of Shrikant Mohta on Thursday, BJP leader Locket’s comments revived the controversy.

Locket said, “Dev is very good actor. Eventually, He has been associated with the Trinamool Congress. Many people want to open their production house at some time in the careers. It’s natural that you want to make movies yourself. But people like Shrikant Mohta try to spoil this effort.”

Talking about Srikant Mohta’s arrest, Locket said, “Long ago, it was known to Tollywood that Srikant, accused of rose-valley has been arrested. Politics should not be used in the film industry.”