Shrachi Group Organises Tree Plantation Event At Bardhaman


Bardhaman: Shrachi Group organised a tree plantation event on Thursday in Bardhaman.

Shabuj Shapath is a step forward in giving back to nature, Shrachi Group organised a tree plantation event at their 254 acre Renaissance Township in Burdwan. They also invited all those living in Burdwan to take a similar step forward for Burdwan. The pledge was taken at Utsav Hall, Renaissance Township, Burdwan on 8th August 2016 at 1:30 pm.

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Rapid urbanisation has taken a toll on the greenery and ecological balance of nature. In the process of urbanisation, trees have been indiscriminately felled and eradicated. At Renaissance Township, Shrachi Group as a responsible developer, is committed to sustainable and ethical real estate development, ensuring that the entire township has over 60% open green space with varied flora to preserve ecological balance and soil conservation.

Mr. Ravi Todi, the Managing Director of the Shrachi Group said “Shrachi has always advocated and practiced sustainable development. We always ensure that in all of our real estate projects a sizeable percentage is allocated to greenery and sustainable development. Planting trees is probably the best gift that we can give to the world and to the coming generations. It is the responsibility of every individual to protect the environment and ‘Shabuj Shapath’ is one humble gesture towards a greater Green Revolution that needs to be ushered in to create a sustainable earth. Today we are honoured that the esteemed Chairman of Burdwan Development Authority Shri Rabi Ranjan Chattopadhyay along with other dignitaries have graciously stepped forward to be a part of Shabuj Shapath at Renaissance Township.”

Mr. Sanjeev Agarwal, the Director of Bengal Shrachi Housing Development Ltd. told us about the green initiatives Shrachi is bringing to the township. He said “We have a rain water harvesting system whereby we will be collecting rain water across the entire township in a reservoir to be used to counter the depleting water table of the region. We have also designed the bungalows and apartments in such a way so as to allow maximum day light and wind to enter the living spaces thus reducing the need for lights and fans. We are also setting up an STP plant which will treat all the liquid waste generated in the township to remove all harmful chemicals etc. before releasing the same into the state drainage system.”

Mr. Rahul Todi, MD of Bengal Shrachi Housing Development Ltd. said “The township has been planned to give the residents all the conveniences of living in an urban environment without any of the deterrents like congestion, pollution etc. Renaissance master plan has been designed by Morphogenesis an award winning Delhi based town planner of international repute.”

About 300 saplings of various plants like Mahagoni, Sonaguri, Gulmohar, Minghuri etc. were planted today as the first step towards a greener future, not only for Renaissance Township per se, but for Burdwan as a whole.