Shops Allegedly Selling Banned Medicines, Panic Sparked


Bradhaman: Medicine will cure the diseases if somebody fall in sick. But what if medicine do not work? There will be no improvement in your condition of the health. Although this type of medicines banned already but shops in Bardhaman are selling this medicine illegally.

রমরমিয়ে বিকোচ্ছে এই ওষুধ! খাওয়ার আগে এখনই সাবধান হন

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18 used medicines have no quality right now. The government of Rajasthan sent a notice to all the states to immediate ban this type of medicines. But all these prohibited medicines are sold freely. And such incident sparks panic among the people of the Bardhaman district.

It has been reported that a list of these 18 banned medicines sent by the Rajasthan government to all the state governments. Which arrived to the all states in the middle of August. No guidelines have been reached to the health departments in districts, complain reported.

In their words, no new guidelines have been reached for these new 18 drugs. Even if they did not see any initiative to inform the public in this regard. Besides, Pranab Roy, chief health officer of East Burdwan district said that no instructions have been given to them till date. If we will get this then we will take appropriate action.

On the other hand, Shantanu Panja, a Burdwan-based drugstore owner, said a guidlines of banned 344 drugs came to them earlier. They do not sell those drugs. But the guidance of the Rajasthan government has not come to them till now. Even the district health department did not inform them any.

Rajasthan Drug Controller Department said that this year the drugs were tested in laboratories from July 16 to july 31st. After this they informed that all of these drugs need to stop selling . And was also asked to take necessary steps in this regard.

It has been known that medicines are made in Rangpur and Rangpo of Sikkim, Solan in Himachal Pradesh, Ajmer in Rajasthan and various factories in Ahmedabad in Gujarat.