Shop Owner Makes Last Effort To Save His Shop


Kolkata: The businessmen from different parts of the city purchase goods from Bagri
market every year before the Pujas. They purchase watches, spectacles, medicines,
cosmetics and all other things from this market. But with the major fire on Sunday,
everything comes to a standstill.

All that the businessmen could do was witness everything getting burnt in front of
theur eyes. The shopkeepers could just see the entire building getting gutted by
fire. Not a single ray of hope was left. No one has any idea when will the fire be
doused. As a result, there seems to be left any future of the thousands of shops
within the market.

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Despite this, the shopkeepers are making their last efforts if anything could be
saved. It was a sad sight to see many businessmen bringing out their important
things from under the debris of the fire-gripped building. The entire area is full
of black smoke. Noise of explosions are coming from inside continuously. Inspite of
such risks, people are throwing water at their shops.

One shopkeeper has his shop in the ground floor which used to sell plastic
products. Plastic is highly inflammable and hence nothing could be saved. Parts of
the plastic products remain only. Using those small parts, the shopkeeper tried
throwing water. The owner of the shop also used the same way to throw water at the
shop in an effort to douse the flames.

It can be well considered that he too knows that the fire cannot be doused this
way, yet last efforts are on with the last few rays of hope.

Reported By: Souptik Banerjee
Edited By: Saheli Dey