Shootout At A Courthouse In Moscow, 3 Killed


Moscow: Three people have been killed and two wounded in a shootout at a courthouse in Moscow, Russian media have reported on Tuesday.

The gunfight broke out after some of the defendants tried to grab firearms from court security officers and take hostages, the state-owned Tass news agency reported.RIA Novosti quoted a lawyer who said she heard at least 20 shots. Sofya Rubasskaya said she saw a guard and a court official injured.

Agencies quoted the Moscow region’s health ministry as saying a 45-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman had been taken to the hospital from the Moscow Regional Court with gunshot wounds.

Natalia Osipova, spokeswoman for the Moscow Regional Court, said the shooting took place at a hearing in a case of a gang of nine people who have terrorised Moscow roads, killing more than a dozen motorists.

She said the building had been evacuated. Russia media dubbed the accused “the Grand Theft Auto gang.”