Shootout At Bright Day Light In Kolkata Street


Kolkata: A person has been shot dead in broad daylight in city street. A miscreant shot targeting one person.The person died immediately.

The victim’s name is Asif Khan. This incident took place at 8:45 am in the morning at Bright street. This area comes under Karaya police station. Reason of the incident is still unknown to the police. However, initially police is suspecting that it is a case of exhausted aversion. Accused name is Bhola. Local people vandalised accused house after the incident. There has been a seemingly fiery look after this incident in Karaya area.

Reportedly, a malice conversation took place ealy in the morning between Asif Khan and the accused regarding promoting. Soon after that Asif has been shot in front his sister. Local residents informed the police. Asif was rescued and admitted to SSKM hospital. He died in the hospital. Reportedly, the person was targeted to shoot before that. A huge police force has been deployed to keep the area under control.