Shooter Rains Fire on Hindu Temple Site in US


Houston: A sign board for a planned temple in the US state of North Carolina has been fired at, leaving over 60 holes in the sign, prompting authorities to probe the incident that has shocked the Indian community.

The incident happened sometime between noon, local time, July 4 and about 1 pm last Saturday, Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office said in a report. The Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident in which someone fired a shotgun at a sign for a planned Hindu temple, leaving more than 60 holes in the sign, it said.

A deputy found empty shell casings near the sign that were consistent with bird shot being fired two to three times from a shotgun, Winston-Salem Journal quoted Chief Deputy Brad Stanley of the Sheriff’s Office as saying. The sign suffered a damage of $200. Investigators have no leads or suspects, Mr Stanley said.

The Om Hindu Organisation of North Carolina is planning to build a 3,600-square-foot temple in Clemmons and has bought 7.6 acres at the site.