How Shoes Can Pull Down Your Career


You might be still wondering about the headline you just read. Can a pair of shoes really influence your career and wealth?? Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

One needs to learn and know about the negative things that can come in the way of hampering growth. As per Astrology, anything that is related to human life has been linked to the planets in the Solar system; and so are your shoes.

Shoes are known to play a vital role in your career growth, as it is said to draw in negative energy, as per Astrological beliefs. Listed below are points that show how shoes can affect your career growth and wealth. Do read on.

1. It is said that one should never wear any footwear or shoes that are either stolen or have been received as a gift. These footwear will never help you reach your goal and can have a negative impact on career and also pull down your luck.

2. If you are going for an interview, then you should never wear shoes that are either torn or in a trodden condition. According to ancient beliefs, it converts all your luck into misfortune! A torn shoe or footwear is said to stop your success.

3. According to beliefs, brown shoes must be avoided to the workplace at any cost. Wearing these coloured shoes will only make matters worse for you!

4. Did you know that wearing white shoes could invoke bad luck and cause you a loss of wealth if you are in a medical field? Well, according to beliefs, it is not a good choice of footwear for people working in this field.

5. Eating food while you have your shoes on are a bad choice. It can attract negativity. Try to avoid eating food with your shoes on if you are looking for prosperity.

6. Placing shoe rack in the north-east direction is the worst decision as per Vastu, since the first ray of sunlight falls onto it, and it is known to create negativity in the house.

7. Did you know that shoes must never be kept in a hanging state when it is inside the home? According to beliefs, it would bring in death, misfortunes and even create critical health problems to the family members.

8. One needs to discard the shoes of a dead person after their death. It should either be donated or buried and never be kept at home, as it is said to attract negativity in the house.