Shocking Ride: 3 Year Old Boy On Giant 20ft Python


Hanoi: It’s really amazing. We all knew that roller costar ride and other rides good for health but it also harmful for small baby. But this time, it’s different from other rides. Can you imagine Python ride? If it possible, then can you think a three year old boy is the rider? Yes it happened in Vietnam and his pics goes viral in Media.

Shocking photos show a three-year-old boy riding a giant 20ft Python during floods in Vietnam.The enormous snake had been kept as a pet at the family’s home, but was let free to play in the ankle-deep floodwaters. Incredibly, the boy’s family let him ride the deadly snake for fun

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The youngster, named Truong, could not contain his excitement as his careless parents took the chance to let the snake play in their flooded yard in Ha Trung district.

Doan immediately leapt onto the deadly creature and straddled its back to begin riding it – and even giggled as he “giddies up” like a horse on the 180lb beast.

Pictures of the incident went viral with many claiming they were edited – but the lad’s family replied with a video proving it was real.

The boy’s aunty, An Nguyen, said: “He is three years old and the python is 80kg. The family has had the python for four years as a pet and it is very gentle. But pythons have been known to kill humans and could easily consume a small child.