Shocking: Dentist Bites, Beats And Burns Minor Maid


New Delhi: There seems to be no end to brutality. A 14-year-old girl employed as a domestic worker has been rescued with injuries allegedly inflicted by her employer, a dentist, who lives in Model Town’s Kalyan Vihar in north-west Delhi.

A tribal from Jharkhand, the child was allegedly bitten, beaten and burnt in the past four months after she was placed there by an agency, according to Delhi Commission for Women (DCW).

The child has been put under the care and protection of the child welfare committee and DCW counsellors. The commission is now trying to trace the family of the girl in Jharkhand. The case came to light because of an alert neighbour who called up the 181 helpline of DCW.

Swati Jaihind, commission chief, shared details of the case on Twitter. “We rescued the 14-year-old Jharkhandi domestic maid from Model Town. Can’t describe her condition! She was burnt, beaten, attacked with scissor, spat at and bitten by lady employer who is a doctor! Most evil!”

She went on to tweet that the “Little girl was so brave. Her lady employer so vicious.” In another tweet, she said: “A doctor herself, how could she torture a 14-year-old in such a brutal manner. Little girl was confined to house, not given sweater, food and has been reduced to bones. Police arrested lady employer! Should be given maximum punishment!”

The girl was tortured physically and mentally, confined to the house and not paid any money, alleged Jaihind. “She had deep marks, cuts and bruises all over her body. She said she was burnt by her employer with an iron and hot water was regularly thrown at her.

Several burn marks were visible on her body,” claimed the commission in a press statement. The DCW team also claimed to have seen bite marks all over her face and other signs of maltreatment too.