Jolting BJP Shiv Sena Reinforces In Bengal


Champahati: Saffron brigade is strengthening their pillar in West Bengal for past few years. But Shiv Sena is also expanding their power in Bengal, slow but steadily.

On Sunday, Shiv Sena held a public meeting in Champahati. Many people have joined Shiv Sena on the day of meeting. The number of women in the meeting were noticeable.

Shiv Sena started its journey from Maharashtra to protect Hinduism and for the survival of Hinduism. The journey began with late Bal Thakrey. But it took years to enter the eastern part. Meanwhile there are incidents took the attention of the country entirely like demolition of Babri Masjid. CPM had ruled 34 years in West Bengal and it has terminated with the arrival of Trinamool-Congress.

বিজেপিকে টক্কর দিয়ে বাংলায় শক্তি বাড়াচ্ছে শিবসেনা

Now the attention of Shivsena is stretching towards West Bengal. State Shibshena leader Sujan Chakraborty said, “The common Hindus are being victimized by the conservative Hindus of West Bengal.” They realized that Shivsena is the only Hindutva political party which only thinks of common Hindus. “The Trinamool and the BJP are following the same path left-front had initiated. That is why the Hindu community people are joining Shiv Sena and taking over their flag, Sujoy Chakraborty added.

With just three MLAs, the BJP has almost become the opposition party unofficially. The reason behind this rage is that the ruling party is providing elevation to the minorities. Bharatiya Janata Party is giving exposure to spread this. Hence, Shivsena also wants to establish their pole on the same ground.

According to the leader Sujoy Chakraborty, “Shiv Sena would not take any Muslim to form a team in Bengal. We will only take Hindus and fight for protecting Hindutva. “Attacking BJP at the same time, he said,” The BJP is allied with Muslim in Bengal. Not only this, the BJP has removed old leaders and appointing some scandalous as new. Common people are not taking it positively.

Last month, Pradip Ghosh, general secretary of Shiv Sena, West Bengal, said, “Formation of a Hindu state is our main objective. It does not mean that we will disrespect the people of other religions or communities, or ask them to leave the country. West Bengal Shiv Sena leader Sujoy Chakraborty advocated for the development of Hindus on the ground of Hindutva. In his words, “Shiv Sena believes in Hindutva and will work for the nourishment of Hindutva.”