Ship In Goa Hits Sea Bed, Nobody Injured

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Panaji: The monsoon is pouring down in Goa, where a passenger ship, docked for repairs, was seen precariously tilted to one side.

The MV Qing, which can hold over 800 passengers, is a cruise ship which belonged to the Sahara Group and was brought to the local port in Vasco in 2014.   It was to be converted into a floating hotel.

“There was no crew on board. But the ship has hit the sea bed which is 6-7 deep. We have called in experts from Mumbai to lift the ship,” I Jeykumar,  chairman of the port trust, told NDTV. Rainwater gushed into the ship for several hours last evening, causing the accident, after which sea water poured in.

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“Today morning we were very much worried because we suspected that the ship may roll over starboard side and may damage to the other huge floating dock,” a Coast Guard release said explaining the situation.

The monsoon landed in Goa last week and heavy rain is expected over the next seven days, according to the met department.