Shilpa Shinde Wins Bigg Boss 11 Grand Finale


Mumbai: The Bigg Boss 11 winner has been announced and it is none other than Shilpa Shinde. Shilpa, who entered the house as a celebrity contestant, defeated popular actor Hina Khan.

With her cooking skills and friendly nature, Shilpa managed to win several hearts inside as well as outside the house. Initially, Shilpa found it difficult to adjust with her co-contestants when everyone cornered her by nominating the actor in the very first week of the show. However, she didn’t let that affect her and went on to become friends with commoner Akash Dadlani and Arshi Khan.

Shilpa and Vikas Gupta’s legendary fights which carried over from their Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain fracas started Shilpa on a strong note. Her culinary skills helped her make friends on the show but refusal to proactively participate in the tasks was a hindrance.

While TV fans know who Shilpa Shinde is, her popularity demands that we have a quick run through her career. hilpa started her career almost 18 years ago on Indian TV. A negative role in Bhabhi brought her into spotlight an she followed it up with a role in Kabhi Aaye Na Judaai. It was the medical soap Sanjeevani and Amrapali that cemented her position in the industry.