Sherorafuli accused suspended from Bank


Chinsura: Bank Manger Samaresh Ghosh, who has been accused of killing a woman named Sucheta Chakraborty and her daughter and disposing off their bodies into the Ganges, was on Monday suspended from his job. He was caught red handed while trying to throw off the dead bodies into the river.

Sucheta Chakraborty’s husband identified the body of his daughter on Monday. Police have learnt that on the day of the incident Rs 15,000 was withdrawn from the bank account of Samaresh Ghosh. Police is enquiring as to why the money was withdrawn and where was it spent.

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Samaresh has claimed that he had only murdered Sucheta and not her child. He said that the child was killed by Sucheta dipped her daughter’s head in a bucket. After murdering Sucheta, it was necessary to dispose off the body off the child as well. Since Sucheta is already dead police is conducting investigation on the basis of the statement of Samaresh.