Sheik Hasina Urges India, Pakistan To Exercise Restraints


Dhaka: Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina today urged the leaders of India and Pakistan to exercise restrains in their conflicts for saving the people of South Asia from any kind of sufferings.

“We want peace in South Asia. We never want any conflict or tense situation in the region as Bangladesh would also be a victim of any such situation,” Sheikh Hasina said while giving her valedictory speech in the 12th session of the 10th Jayita Sangsad.

Sheikh Hasina said her government is striving to take forward the country towards peace and prosperity and so we don’t expect any conflict in this region.

India, which had already launched a diplomatic drive to isolate Pakistan, later announced to boycott the SAARC regional summit that was scheduled to be hosted by Pakistan in November. When Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan followed suit afterwards, the summit was cancelled.