Shami’s Wife Hasin Jahan Assaults Media Personnel In Kolkata


Kolkata: Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan lost her cool and allegedly attacked journalists in Kolkata on Tuesday.

Hasin was seen outside the St. Sebastian’s School in Kolkata where she shouted at journalists and even broke a video camera in the scuffle. She then hurriedly left the spot in a red SUV.

Hasin seemed very upset and annoyed in the video. She was also seen shouting at somebody but it was not clear who she was directing her ire at.

A media person is also seen in the video holding damaged equipment. It appeared he had sustained a minor injury.

“We’ve been tracking her since morning and that’s the reason why the entire media brigade has been following her for the past 2-3 days since she filed the complaint.

“Now she’s been irked by this and the fact that we’ve been asking her questions on what would be the next step forward. That’s the reason why she got irked,”  said a media person from Kolkata.

“But she is the one who wrote everything about Shami on Facebook, she is the one who attracted all this attention towards her. She made sure that everything that Shami had done was there in public glare.

“So now that the public wants to know on what is happening she suddenly flips and says that she wants to keep it low key and wants to keep it to her personal life now. It doesn’t work like that.

“She has to understand that it is not just about whether she is talking to the media or responding to the queries or not, but also the fact that she’s been meeting the family or not because there are a lot of points which the families don’t want to reveal which the people want to know.

“She has said that she wants to stay away from the media glare. On March 19 her statement would be recorded and with that it is also important on what would happen next because the family has been trying for a reconciliation”.

Hasin has been involved in an ugly dispute with her cricketer husband Shami and even filed a complaint against him at Jadavpur police station. Hasin has in the past questioned the media as to why they have not thoroughly investigated her claims against Shami.