Shami’s Father In Law’s Revealation In Cheating Case


Kolkata: Wife of Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami has alleged through social media that her husband is engaged in extramarital affairs with several women across the country.

Hasin Jahan, the wife of Indian pacer Mohammed Shami, has shared the screenshots of his chats with other women and has posted pictures of Mohammed Shami with many other women claiming they were his girlfriends. She said that she has got many other evidences to prove that Shami is at fault.

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Father in law of Mohammed Shami, named Md. Mintu, has claimed that he is not aware of this things and he affirmed that he has met with his daughter and son in law lastly before the South Africa series. He prays for a fairy judgement.

Indian pacer Mohammed Shami on Wednesday denied allegations of domestic abuse and adultery made by a Facebook account in his wife Hasin Jahan’s name and dismissed them as a conspiracy to malign him.