Shami-Hasin Case: Lalbazar Contacts To BCCI


Kolkata: Headquarter of Kolkata Police has send a letter on Monday to Board Of Control for Cricket of India (BCCI) to verify the truthfulness of the Indian Fast bowler Mohammad Shami. Police had filed a series of non-bailable case against Shami. The Investigation Department of Lalbazar has sent the letter asking every shoe string details about him.

Despite major allegations against him, board did not take any cross action. Though his new contract with BCCI has been cancelled right after the case.

শামির সম্পর্কে তথ্য যাচাইয়ে বিসিসিআইকে চিঠি লালবাজারের

Series of allegations including numerous women connection at a time and apparently match fixing have charged him. Hasin Jahan has added Shami is having an affair with a pakistani girl who used to feed him money for specific purposes. So on the basis of such charges, the corruption control team of Cricket Board can interrogate him.

Hasin Jahan had worded that Shami used to keep prostitudes in his every international tour which had been feeding by board. BCCI can cross-check that if they want. But did not do so.

Kolkata Police has issued a letter which clearly asked, the small details of his South Africa tour till his return to Dubai which ended with the comeback with India. Investigation Department of Lalbazar also asked for the involvement of BCCI with Shami’s activity. BCCI were aware of the whole incident or some other direction is leading the story.

On the other hand, a special team of KP has decided to go to Uttar Pradesh for the investigation of molestation charge. Family members of Mohammad Shami has come to Kolkata to meet him. A meeting with the law year of Hasin Jahan will take place in the afternoon.