Shame..8 Month-Old Raped, Killed


Indore: A eight -month-old infant’s blood-soaked body was recovered from the basement of a building in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore, said a police official on Friday.

The police have identified the accused as Sunil Bheel, 21, and claimed that he was spotted in a CCTV camera footage on Friday. At around 4:45 am, the accused was seen carrying the girl on his shoulder. As per the post-mortem report of the infant, it is suggested that she might have been raped before she was killed.

The child’s parents, balloon sellers, were sleeping on the street outside the Rajwada Fort in the city. The accused, a 21-year-old man known to the family, has been arrested, police said.

“The body of the infant was recovered from the basement of a commercial building. The accused, Naveen Gadke had kidnapped her early on Friday when she was asleep with her parents outside the Rajwada Fort,” police said. The police, while looking for clues, scanned the CCTV cameras in the area, which led them to the accused.

“CCTV footage showed the accused, who is a distant relative of the child, came on a bicycle at around 4.45 am and picked up the girl sleeping next to her parents and headed towards Shiv Vilas palace, across the street. He took the girl to the basement of the commercial complex and sexually assaulted her, her body was recovered in the afternoon,” a senior police official said.

The child’s body had injury marks on the private parts and the head. Condemning the incident, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said, “the society needs to introspect… we have arrested the accused. We will make sure the culprit is punished soonest.”

The rape and murder follows a disturbing pattern emerging even as the country tries to cope with grief and anger over the kidnapping, gang-rape and murder of an eight-year-old in Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir in January.

In Uttar Pradesh’s Etah, a nine-year-old attending a wedding with her family was allegedly raped before being strangled on Thursday night. On Wednesday, a 10-year-old girl’s was similarly raped and murdered at a wedding in Chhattisgarh.

In Surat, an 11-year-old was raped and murdered and then her body was dumped earlier this month. She had 86 injuries and was also brutalized with blunt objects.