Shahid’s step father likely to attend his marriage

Photo: Siddhartha Sarkar

Mumbai:   Recently Kareena Kapoor stated that she will attend Shahid’s wedding if her name would be in the guest list. Well, we don’t know about Kareena as the wedding guest but reports have suggested that Shahid’s stepfather Rajesh Khattar will attend his wedding.

Rajesh Khattar is an Indian actor and the father of Ishan Khattar, who is Shahid’s half father.

Rajesh is currently married to actress Vandana Sajnani and is completely involved in the preparation of Shahid’s wedding.This was confirmed from Vandana, who said, “Rajesh is a part of the whole thing. He is in talks with Shahid and they are currently in the process of locking certain things. It’s a big day for the family and we will be there to bless the couple if we are in the country and not travelling overseas for work at that time.”