Shahid Dibas: Measures Taken By Indian Railways For Safety


Kolkata: July 21 (TMC Shahid Dibas), a significant day in the history of Bengal politics.Like every year this year also TMC supporters from various districts of Bengal has gathered in every junctions in Kolkata from Sealdah to Howrah people have gathered with their party banner.Taking the situation carefully the Eastern Railways have taken special measures to deal with the situation.

The Railway department will track down the local trains as well as the long-distance trains. To ensure proper train services are provided to the people. The announcement was made on behalf of the Eastern Railways by issuing a press statement on Friday. The statement said that the necessary arrangements will be made at Howrah and Sealdah stations. On behalf of the Eastern Railways, it has been informed that no circular train will run on Saturday, July 21.

The railway police are deployed to tackle the crowd in the station complexes. Railway police will also keep a vigil so that no mishap could take place due to the crowd, there will be severe surveillance in every stations.Train coaches reserved for the TMC workers also will be attend by the police so that no inconvenience is faced by them.

Besides this, there are tight security measures. There are enough police forces deployed so that there is no untoward situation in handling the crowd. The police will be in the footbridge. According to the statement from the railways, extra police will be deployed on this day.

Inquiry booth is being installed at Howrah, Sealdah and Kolkata stations. A control room has been created,the first aid arrangement will be put on the side of the rail. Not only at Howrah, Sealdah or Kolkata Station, it has been informed that this system will be kept in every station.

All the party supporters have been put up by the party at various places in Kolkata. They have been accommodated in places like the Geetanjali Stadium, Milan Mela, Uttirno and various places in Kolkata, where local leaders and party workers are looking after them. All are in eager anticipation of this special day.

All roads lead to Dharmatala today. Camps have been set up at various places across the city to provide assistance to people. Commemorative gates have also been put up at important intersections. Proper fire safety arrangements have been made, as well as arrangements for drinking water and medical emergencies.