Shahid Afridi Gets Roasted Over Twit On ‘Pet Lion’


Islamabad: Shahid Afridi, arguably one of the greatest superstars Pakistan cricket has ever produced, is in the headlines again. Just like his career, Afridi’s social media post stirred a bit of controversy again. The retired cricketer posted, what he thought, would be another normal social media post.

The cricketer took to Twitter to post what he thought would be a sweet post about family time and being kind to animals. He shared pictures of himself lovingly feeding a baby deer and of his daughter doing his victory pose in front of a chained lion.

However, he had no idea it would spark outrage online and people would be seething about animal rights.

“Great to spend time with loved ones. Best feeling in the world to have my daughter copy my wicket taking celebrations. And yes don’t forget to take care of animals, they too deserve our love and care :)” read the caption of his tweet.

“Shahid Afridi has a pet lion who is confined at his home and it’s chained, this is so barbaric and inhumane poor creature should be in its natural habitat, running & hunting . where are animals protection organisations. F*** your wealth & fame if it doesn’t give you compassion,” “I’m absolutely appalled with what #ShahidAfridi is doing. You can’t keep a #lion out of its natural habitat all chained up & then claim that u r loving animals. The lion looks weak & so done with life. I feel so bad for it,” wrote enraged Twitter users upon seeing the pictures.