SFI’s Raj Bhavan Rally Turns Violent


Piku Mukherjee (Argha), Kolkata: In an apparent show of Strength, The SFI’s ‘Raj Bhavan Abhijan’ march turned violent with SFI supporters allegedly torching and tried to broke the Barricade on Thursday. The march turned violent as the SFI workers and police personnel clashed with each other leaving more than ten injured.

According to sources, The day began with SFI supporters reaching to the entrance of Raj Bhavan in a bid to enter the premises. However, the police, who were on alert, prevented them. The SFI’s Raj Bhavan march was in protest against Fee hike, irregularities in admission and many more. They demanded to dismiss the present bodies of student union in different colleges across the state.

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SFI’s state committee member Riya Dey and other five were critically injured in this rally. They were sent to the hospital immediately. SFI Supporters alleged that cops Lathi-charged without any provocation by them.

They will go for bigger movement if the chancellor of the university, in this case the governor of the west Bengal disagrees with their demand.