SFI Workers Distribute Bus Tickets For Making Bandh Success


Midnapore: The strikes will be observed across the country on January 8 and 9. SFI on Thursday gave tickets to the passenger for not boarding the bus on those days. West Midnapore District SFI staffs will distribute tickets to students, teachers and guardians who are going to board the bus for the next 8 and 9 January. District secretary Prosenjit Mudi told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday.

In the meeting, he said, “Education for all, want to work in education sector.” The slogan will be voiced on January 8 and 9. Bus tickets have been made for not boarding the bus. SFI workers will give this tickets to the passengers. Education is shrinking gradually due to the policy of the central government. Education is going on under the control of businessmen.

As a result, the allocation of education expenditure in the education sector has decreased gradually. Scholarship, Monthly salary in schools, colleges and universities is increasing On the other hand, the government has planned to take the syllabus of education in an unscientific way.

According to him, the student organization SFI has launched a protest in the campus with intense protests. There is no work at the end of education, there is no employment. Farmers committed suicide without getting the price of the crop. The workers are not getting wages. Employees are not getting expensive allowances. State-owned companies are being demolished.