SFDC’s Popularises Its Pilot Project To Attract Nature Lovers


Kolkata: Come May, you can bait, catch fish and later can actually relish your catch.
State Fisheries Development Corporation (SFDC) has come up with a unique way to popularize the project ‘Eco Fish Tourism’ that started a few months ago as a pilot project in Nalban. The popularity of the project has inspired SFDC to come up with grand plans so that more and more people can benefit.

Bengalis are known worldwide as fish-lovers and the concept is meant to latch on to this culinary fact.

A two-day-one-night package for a family of four would cost Rs 4,000 to Rs 4,500, depending on the facilities availed of and the tourist spot. Individuals can also avail of eco fish tourism packages, in which case the cost would obviously be less. Coaches run by the SFDC would transport the tourists from their homes to the spots they have booked. The bus journey would include breakfast and lunch, which would of course include fish items.
On reaching the place, battery-run vehicles of the department would provide a short tour of the area. The second day of the tour would be fully dedicated to ‘fish’ part of ‘eco fish tourism’.

The tourists would be taken to the water bodies managed by the SFDC. They can draw the nets along with the fishermen to pull in the fish, and can then indulge in the quiet joy of angling. The water bodies would be kept stocked with adequate fish. The fishes caught by the tourists would be cooked and served to them. Along with angling, they can enjoy the raw beauty of nature. Though tourists would not be allowed to carry fish at home but there is a provision who insists on bringing their catch for dear ones.
Fishes can be bought, which would then be packed in ice to keep them fresh along the journey back. At the end of the tour, luxury buses of SFDC would drop tourists back to their homes.

The projects are going to come up at five places to begin with at Henry Island in the Fraserganj region and at Chandanpiri, located between Bakkhali and Fraserganj, both in the Sunderbans, at Guskara and Memari in East Burdwan district, and at Digha. A watch tower is under construction at Chandanpiri so that tourist can enjoy Sundarbans.
The middle of May has been decided as the time for launching this new concept of eco fish tourism.

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