Sexual Harassment: Calcutta HC Orders Govt To Form Nodal Body In School

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Kolkata: In an effort to stop sexual harassment, justice Nadira Patheria of Calcutta High Court has ordered West Bengal government to form Nodal Body on Friday. Every school has to build a committee and appoint a councilor in that.

The court ordered that the committee will comprised of Head Master, School teachers, two guardians and other important personalities. Any allegation on sexual harassment must be informed to the committee.

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The syllabus must include the children awareness programme. Teachers must aware children regarding good-touch and bad-touch. Committee will be vigilant on the committee. A background checking process will be followed in the recruitment process of the teachers.

Additional Advocate General Abharatosh Mazumder has opposed the decision of recruiting councilor. He stated that, ” state govt ready to follow the guidelines but recruiting councilor as there are many schools.

After listening to the public prosecutor, justice Nadira Patheria said that, “Councilor must be appointed.” Problem is there but if necessary the appointment will be done within a year. The Calcutta High Court will take six months to see the implementation of the order.

The back to back incident in Kolkata schools has agitated people. The parents demanded arrest of two teachers. The safety and security standing before a question. Strict guideline has been made to fight these problems. The justice said in the last week that State and Centre must work together to fight such problems.