‘Sex Slave’ to Winner of Quran Memorizing Competition


Damascus: Dreaded Islamic terror group ISIS, infamous for its barbaric crime against women, had orgonised a Quran memorizing competition, and the top prize is a Yazidi sex slave.

The photograph of an ISIS advert, believed to come from the northern Syrian state of Hasakah recently emerged on social media. ISIS is known to have brutalized hundreds of women, who were passed as sex slaves among jihadists and this is another year of their brutal treatment towards women.

Apart from sex slaves, the jihadist promised cash rewards for fourth and fifth prize. The competition is set to be held in several ISIS mosques in Syria, including the Osama bin Laden mosque.

The seven day competition is set to end on 27 June and is being held on the occasion of the Ramadan festive season. The advert addresses ISIS militants in Syria, congratulating the jihadis in their fight and wishing them a blessed Ramadan.