‘Sex party’ ends in jail at Dubai


Dubai: 28 people were reported to have been arrested at Dubai for indulging into an alcohol-fuelled sex party on a yacht. The Court of Misdemeanours sentenced two men and three women to one year each in prison for having sex outside of marriage, the local media reported. Out of the arrested people, a couple of them were policemen.

All the defendants were fined 2,000 dirhams (USD 550) each for “getting together while unrelated in a way that would lure them into committing acts of sin,” the local media said. Based on a tip, the police raided the sex party. They have seized about 110 bottles of alcohol as well as bedsheets and other evidence for forensic tests, it said.

The 15 men, aged between 21 and 43, were from the UAE, Iran and the Comoros, while the women, aged between 20 and 36, were from the UAE, Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

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