Severe ‘Auto-Toto’ Clash At Sonarpur


Kolkata: Severe clash broke out between the auto and toto drivers of Sonarpur on the new year’s morning on Sunday.

There had been a clash among the auto and toto drivers since a long time. Who would have the ultimate power over the passengers was the main reason for clash between them. This had lead to minor tussles between them earlier. But today the episode moved a notch higher as their minor tussle led to a huge clash among them.

The state transport department had paved separate routes for both the auto and totos. The route for the totos were to be started today on the occasion of new year. As per the local, while starting with the new routes, the toto drivers were stopped by the auto drivers which lead to a brawl between them. Within a short span, the brawl led to severe clash between them.

The clash took such a shape that both the parties attacked each other with iron rods and sticks. Several got injured and a huge police force of the Sonarpur police station rushed to control the situation. The police lathi charged to disperse the mob and have detained several auto and toto drivers.