Seven among 13 IS terrorists from India still alive


New Delhi: Thirteen Muslim youths have left India in the past 18 months to join the ISIS. Six among them have been killed while seven others have been inducted in various other works.

According to the Home Ministry, “Among those who are still alive, one has inducted to fight for the ISIS. Others have been given the responsibilities of cooking, driving and as helpers. Two among the 13 left to join the IS from Kalyan area of Maharashtra while the others joined from Australia, Oman and Singapore.

After IS threats were received in India, the Union Home Ministry had called upon the top police officials of ten states and dicussed plans to tackle the situation. According to the reports of an American newspaper, the ISIS had planned to strike India since long. They have received the support of Pakistani Talibanis. Along with militants they have helped the ISIS with arms and ammunition. Various religious organizations of the Muslims based in India are reportedly helping the terror organizations in the matter.