This Sensational Woman, Next Alumni Of Taki Boys School

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Kolkata: A 35 year old enchantress will be the biggest surprise for the school authority and also school committee. Yes, Kolkata based Taki Government multipurpose boys school authority will give her the membership of Alumni Association. She is a teacher of Autism School and lived in New Delhi. If you go through her profile, her beauty with brain shuts your mouth surely. The deadly combination may be priority for her selection.

টাকি বয়েজ স্কুলের অ্যালুমনি অ্যাসোসিয়েশনের সদস্য হচ্ছেন এই লাস্যময়ী

Surely, it is the surprise for everyone. Even if, School authority cannot imagine about this movement. How a woman will be the member of the Alumni Association in Boys School? This Question has been raised among think tanks. After hearing the news, Partha Sarathi Saha, General Secretary of the Association is being surprised.

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Prity Sengupta, resident of Bagbazar, lives in Delhi for her occupation. Her facebook wall covers with lustrous bunch of pictures. Sometimes she wears red saree and another time she also wears western dresses. All this makes her so beautiful that no one cannot take eye off. But the question is how will be a Bengali woman take the association member?
She passed the Madhyamik Examination in 1997 from Boys school. After that this secret is revealed by ParthaSarathi Saha.

Few years ago, a lady on social media requested to get the membership of the association. At first, partha babu did not take it seriously but after that the lady called me and eager to be a member of the association. Partha Babu amazed to hear the news at first and asked how would be it possible?

Now Prity is transgender and after hearing the all news Partha babu said I feel proud for her and we will decide to give her the membership.

Reported By- Soumen Sil

Edited By- Piku Mukherjee