Sensational Report: China Send 150 Tanks Near Doklam


New Delhi: China had deployed over 12,000 soldiers, 150 tanks and artillery guns opposite Sikkim at Phari Dzong in Chumbi Valley during the 73-day faceoff, according to reports.

বিস্ফোরক রিপোর্ট: ডোকলামে ১৫০টি ট্যাংক পাঠিয়েছিল চিন

Did china deploy other weapons? All this are now in front of us. After diplomatic negotiations, India and China agreed to disengage from the standoff on the Doklam plateau, disputed between China and Bhutan, with a formula that saw China promise to make “necessary adjustments” to their troop deployments, after Indian troops withdrew back to their posts in Sikkim.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of External Affairs, the process of disengagement by border personnel had been “almost completed under verification” from both sides by Monday evening, indicating that no more troops were expected on the face off point at Doklam, which reverted to status quo ante June 16.

A new book named Securing India The Modi Way published this sensational report. The book also reveals that when tensions rose between the two sides, the Chinese had built up their presence to a size that exceeded a division opposite Sikkim. The Indian Army had also matched the build-up but did not feel the need to get troops close to the border due to the shorter distance, it says. Vice president Venkaiah Naidu will launch the book on Friday.